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Spokane Spine and Disc: 
A Commitment to Pain Relief
Dr. Chamberlain trained and graduated from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California in 1997. After graduation he returned to spokane to begin practicing. He worked for local practices until he founded Family Chiropractic of Liberty Lake in 1999. He has been practicing in Liberty Lake since that time and has successfully helped thousands of patients. Dr. Chamberlain has always been motivated to help sufferers of chronic back pain because of his own experience with chronic pain resulting from an old injury.  He finally found permanent pain relief himself  with the combined treatments of non surgical spinal decompression and class IV deep tissue laser therapy. In 2011 Dr. Chamberlain founded Spokane Spine and Disc with the purpose of making this revolutionary treatment available to everyone. 
2207 N Molter Rd. Suite 250
Liberty Lake, Washington 99019
(509) 893-9939